Many of the civil codes of Europe have their origins in the Napoleonic Code, but since then they have diverged considerably. Carrying out French property transactions properly and bringing them to a successful close requires knowledge of French law.

Many people are purchasing recreational properties in France or relocating there permanently. Having committed itself to this market, Van Velzen assists Dutch people and others with all legal aspects of the French property transaction process.


Van Velzen assists both individuals and businesses with legal advice in this area, including on the following:

  • the preparatory collecting of information and record searching;
  • the review of French purchase agreements and transfer deeds, and assistance with negotiations relating to these;
  • guidance with the ownership details of the property;
  • assessing whether it is desirable to transfer the property to a société civile immobilière (SCI);
  • advice in the area of estate planning and matrimonial property law;
  • explaining the tax consequences, e.g. capital gains tax (taxe sur la plus-value).

Van Velzen is fluent in French and legal French and has immediate access to the relevant information sources in France. Van Velzen is at the centre of a network of specialists in France and the Netherlands, including civil-law notaries, lawyers, tax specialists and legal translators.

In short, if you are looking for assistance with your property transaction in France, Van Velzen will be able to assist you and advise you — avec plaisir!