Residential property

Buying or selling a house, most people do that only a few times their lives. An exciting period. Even if you know the procedure professionally, I know from experience.

If you are considering buying or selling a house it is worthwhile to inform yourself in advance. How does the procedure work? What are the rights and obligations you have? What are the tax implications? In all these questions, I can help you.

My assistance may include, for example:

  • advice on entering into the purchase agreement and its contents.
  • verification of the cadastral registration.
  • assessment of the deed of transfer.
  • assessment of relevant documents, such as the conditions of leasehold (‘erfpachtrecht’), the deed of division into separately owned units (‘appartementsrechten’).
  • assistance with funding issues.
  • assessment of the mortgage deed.

The aim is to identify issues of interest in a timely manner and to allow the process to be as smooth as possible.

Dutch is my mother tongue, but I can also assist you in English or French.