The Dutch commercial real estate market is an active one. Developers, investors and other businesses are involved in large-scale purchases, sales, developments and redevelopments. The ins and outs of the legal structuring of these transactions are often complicated. Help is needed to help design and build the legal framework.

This is something Van Velzen does with passion and care. A close eye is also kept on developments. Where necessary, the people and processes are steered in the right direction.

Legal Guidance of Property Transactions

For institutional and other investors, government bodies and project developers, Van Velzen has extensive experience in providing legal guidance at every step of their property transactions, including:

  • the due diligence investigation;
  • the turnkey purchase agreement;
  • the transfer;
  • any mortgage financing; and
  • the delivery.

Legal Structure of Property Transactions

Van Velzen also specialises in setting up and modifying the legal structure of property complexes, including with regard to:

  • freehold / full ownership (eigendom);
  • leasehold and building rights (rechten van erfpacht en opstal);
  • division into separately owned units (appartementsrechten).

At every step of the process, the tax aspects (e.g. turnover tax and transfer tax) are taken into account.

Van Velzen’s advice in this area is relied on by investors, government bodies, project developers, housing associations and interest groups.