Van Velzen juridisch advies is a legal consulting firm advising mainly on the legal aspects of Dutch and French real estate. Assistance is provided with buying and selling, property transactions and various property issues such as full ownership, leasehold, divided ownership, surface rights, etc. and the related tax aspects.

For all of us, property is an important part of our lives and businesses. Something solid and substantial. It helps us to make the best of what life and the market have to offer. It gives us a sense of freedom. We are fortunate to live in a democratic and harmonious society with an interesting property market and a sophisticated real estate system.

A good property law consultant is able to navigate through the property laws and real estate rules to reach a high-value outcome favourable to all parties.

This is Van Velzen’s vision. Van Velzen has the expertise and experience to advise you and represent your interests when it comes to real estate transactions in the Netherlands and in France.